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Midas, Inc is a chain of automotive service stores established in 1956 based in North America. In the 17 other countries it operates in, the service centers are either licensed or franchised. It is one of the world’s largest providers of automotive services. They offer brake, maintenance, tires, exhaust, steering, and suspension services.


Our team decided to build a mobile application for Midas because:


•Users have access to their personal accounts anywhere and anytime


•Service appointments could be made via the mobile app


•Midas stores could be located by GPS in a mobile app


•Users can use bar codes in the mobile app to check in and check out

Midas does not have a mobile application. Their mobile site could be better designed, it optimized for mobile devices. Being an international corporation and auto service provider, Midas should have a well-designed mobile application to improve their user experience, attract more young people, and expand their business.


sompetitive startegy_edited.jpg
competitve strategy 2_edited.jpg
competitive strategy_edited.jpg



  • Easy navigation

  •  Store locator

  • Service types offered and their details

  • Coupons and exclusive member offers

  • Scheduling appointments

  • User information that also includes service history


  • Organized layout

  • Fixed navigation

  • Use of icons

  • Visual Hierachary

  • Powerful color


  • Too much information

  • Redundant function

  • Ambiguous naming

  • Lack of photos

  • Outdated design

Midas Flow Chart.png

Flow Chart


Lo-fi sketching and wireframing helped

our team to structure our app’s content.

Our team explored the entire

process and decided which contents

to add to Midas app. Through the lo-fis,

we were building the skeletons of

our app by adding the basic layout for

major screens. During the process, the

content hierarchy was created. We

also built interactions within Midas app

based on the lo-fis.

The intention of our preliminary sketches

was to sort out the contents that

we wanted to keep in Midas app. We

also wanted to sort out the hierarchical

relationship between contents via the

sketches. We intended to explore the

layout that could best convey the information that users need. Some of the layouts such as coupons screens were not clearly laid out and might be confusing to users. Also, more functions and call for action buttons needed to be included.


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