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The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) was established in 1933 and currently has three major facilities: The main museum in downtown Seattle, the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on the Seattle waterfront. SAM has huge amount of art collection including Asian, African, Ancient American, Ancient Mediterranean, Islamic, European, Oceanic, Asian, American, modern and contemporary art, and decorative arts and design.



This year, SAM is going to host an event involving a font style known as Helvetica. SAM has invited graphic designer Lars Muller, the author of Helvetica Forever as well as graphic designer Patrick Lee, author of Typeface for Book, to share their knowledge of Helvetica.  


To promote this event, SAM will circulate posters throughout the Seattle area. Along with an image of the designer of Helvetica, the sponsors' logo will also be included in the poster's design.

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